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Quantum Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

What is Quantum Healing?​ 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a style of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon which she has developed and refined over her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with thousands of clients in countries all over the world. I have taken training with Dolores and I am certified to practice her method for my own clients.

Some people might better understand the term "Past Life Regression", and that is exactly how QHHT started, with exploration of Past Lives.  Today, with the expansion of human consciousness, more than just Past Lives are available to experience.  Some people experience Future Lives, Parallel Lives, Lives on Other Planets, Lives in Other Dimensions. Some people visit the Spirit Side. Some people find themselves in the Akashic Records and still others visit the Temple of Healing. This technique accesses the person's Higher Self to receive answers and relief from emotional and physical problems. QHHT focuses on the concept that the client will go to "the most appropriate time and place" to address any requests for healing or information.

My Contact Info
Past Life Regression Portland Oregon, Allison Coe Contact Info
Monday thru Friday: 9am - 2pm Pacific
(All sessions are currently done remotely)
Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH): $500 (5hr.)
2nd "Tune-up" Hypnosis Session: $400 (4hr.)

How Do Clients Prepare for Their Hypnosis Session?

Prior to the day of their session clients should compile a list of "Life" questions they are seeking answers to, and a list of "Physical/Body" questions. A few examples are:


  • What is my life purpose?

  • When will I meet my soulmate/twin flame?

  • Have I had a past life with my child, husband, wife, friend, parent, etc.?

  • I want to move to a new location, where is the best place for me to live?

  • I was born with a heart defect. Why? Is it karmic?

  • Why have I always had a horrible relationship with my father, mother, sister, etc?

  • Why do I have an addiction to gambling, drugs, alcohol, food, etc.?

  • What's stopping me from losing the weight I want to lose?

  • What is the best job for me?

  • Do I have anything that's blocking my abundance?

  • I've always loved to write, but I feel stuck. What's stopping me right now?

  • Why have I always felt different from those around me?

  • I'm retired and am wondering if my purpose in life has changed?

  • How can I have a better relationship with my kids, wife, husband, siblings etc.?

  • Why have I always been fascinated with aliens and ET's? Have I ever been abducted or lived an alien life?

  • How many lifetimes have I lived?

  • I had a weird dream/experience and would like some clarity around it. 

  • Why can't I identify with being a man, woman, etc.?

  • Why do I have Psoriasis? Is there anything I can do for relief?

  • What is the best diet for me?


There is no list of questions that is too small or too big for us to tackle. But you'll definitely want to prioritize your list. Also, please email the list at least one day before your session.

The day of their session clients should eat a healthy and hearty breakfast as the sessions can be pretty long. If you are a coffee drinker please don't miss that morning cup of coffee, but you certainly won't want to drink so much that you are jittery. Clients should refrain from using any drugs or alcohol on the morning of the session. I definitely recommend a nice brisk walk or exercise before you arrive, as it allows the body to rest and relax, which frees the mind to wake up fully. Wear comfy clothes; you'll be lying down for your session. Bring your lists of "Life" and "Physical/Body" questions. Clear your calendar - you may not want to do too much after you've been time-travelling. Bring a protein or meal-replacement bar for directly after your session, as you'll need to get something in your stomach for your drive home. 


There is no need to be nervous on the day of your session. We are meeting for a reason, and that reason always comes from a place of love. Allow yourself to believe in what you are experiencing. Have the intent to receive the answers and the help that you need and want. We are on the same side - you and I. We both want what is best for you: peace, joy, relief, clarity, health, wellness, abundance, love, harmony and freedom. 


After the session clients will be provided with a recording. Listening to this recording for days, weeks, even months after the session is absolutely crucial for your healing. Each time you listen it can trigger something new in you. This is of the utmost importance. If you have any questions or concerns after your session please call, text or email me. I am so happy to hear from clients. If you need a tune-up - which I have had myself a few times - please schedule another appointment. You will have a totally different set of questions and a completely different session with each visit. 



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