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Here are a few of the most important web pages in my life. I depend on them to keep me fully-loaded with ancient knowledge, current events, uplifting news and healthy lifestyle tips. Hope you enjoy!

Quantum Healing
- Reading her books is almost a daily ritual of mine. You can go here and learn about QHHT from the pioneer, the Master, this truly amazing woman - Dolores Cannon:


David Wilcock
- Treat yourself to some ancient knowledge, some current events and some amazing glimpses into one of the best brains out there. David is amazing, his work is astounding, and available to all:


Gregg Braden
- I have listened to Gregg's lectures on youtube over, and over, and over again. He combines science and spirituality in such a beautiful way: 


Eckhart Tolle
- Eckhart was fundamental in my learning how to stay present, observe myself, and understand I was not my mind. His teachings helped me reach heights I never thought possible:


The Law of One
- I read this work every single day. This is a channeled set of books by a 6D group of entities. But don't let that scare you off. This work is beautiful, esoteric, and fundamental to understanding why we are here and how we can improve our lives and our path. Available in 10 different languages:


Vipassana Meditation
 - a truly life-changing meditation retreat and practice. And it's FREE!!! Free room and board, free eats, free knowledge. Find a center near you by following the link below:


Kelley Rosano

- Kelley's horoscopes, moon reports, and year ahead outlooks are such a useful tool to aid you in navigating the cosmos and it's effects on you and everyone around you. Check her out monthly at:
Organic Olivia
- Olivia's posts on parasite cleanses, lyme disease, traditional chinese medicine, and lifestyle are helpful, and incredibly well-researched:


Edgar Cayce
- Cayce's work is as relevant today as it was when he was alive in the early 20th century. Through QHH we access the Higher Self, the same being that Cayce accessed thru self-hypnosis:


Biblioteca Pleyades
- I love this website. It's 'Weekly News" section is chock full of amazing articles about what's really going on in the world. Things we should all know a little more about. Only click on this link if you're willing to have your mind bent like a pretzel. Available in 3 languages: