My Clients, My Friends, My Tribe....

My clients are the greatest people in the world. Each person enters my life and my heart for a reason. Sometimes the reason is to give each other relief and clarity, sometimes their session sparks my next area of interest, occasionally I've just learned something through my studies that may be specific to them, and very often their "Higher Self" has information for them that is actually completely applicable to an issue I may be facing. We come into each other's lives because something resonates between us. I am forever grateful to each and every one of my clients. After our sessions I feel so much compassionate love for them and the other people in their lives. Here are some of the testimonials from a few of my favorite people in the world - my clients, my friends, my fellow beautiful human beings - My Tribe!


"Allison Coe is an exceptional QHHT practitioner.  She spends plenty of time getting to know you and your issues and then expertly guides you through the hypnosis session.  She has a nice sounding voice and was an absolute professional.  Make sure to come to the session with a list of questions that you want answers to.  I thoroughly enjoyed my session and it helped me a lot."



"Hi Allison, I think it's been about a year now since we had our QHHT session. I remember you were trying to get more "goals" out of me, but my list was short. I think I listed a Harley, a boat, an airplane, and a few other toy type items. Additionally, like most people I guess, I had listed the ever prevalent prosperity/abundance goals, and good/better health aspirations. Well as a testimonial, I feel I should first say that the old prosperity factor in my life has fattened. Quite nicely I might add. I can throw out a few numbers here, and they might sound a bit shocking, however the numbers don't lie. My over all net worth, since our session is now over eight times what it was before. That's huge, and you can tell any prospective clients about that too. My health is dynamite. At 58 I can still whup most guys in my age bracket, and work circles around them. I'm in the final selection stages on an airplane I can build in the garage. Piece of cake, right? Oh yes, and I finally got my Harley Davidson. Here are some before after photos. Seems I have to customize everything I get my hands on. Anyway, thanks again."

- Thor

"Just a quick note of thanks for the QHHT session; you were wonderful to work with, and many astounding and positive things have been happening in my life since our time together.  It's hard to believe how effective tapping into source can be . . . you helped me remember so many lessons of the past that had somehow become lost (partially) in the "fog" I've been in for the last several years.  Focus, energy, positivism, even vivid colors are now available to me as I "tap into" true-self.  I have only to ask and have intention!!"

- Robert


"Allison was very warm and made me feel comfortable just to be myself the whole time. Although the session wasn't exactly what I thought it would be like, she had prepared me for that beforehand. I learned that the answers were within me this whole time and that all I needed to do was trust my Higher Power and trust my Higher Self. It was a little difficult to accept at first because it made me realize I was the master of my own destiny this whole time! It greatly improved my life direction and helped me improve my lifestyle. I would definitely recommend it to those who have the courage to take life by the reins!"



"I went in with an open mind, Allison did a great job of being my guide on my minds journey. She asked the right questions to bring out the details I was needing and looking for! My journey was a trip and I will never forget it. It stuck with me for weeks and when I had dreams after or had any questions Allison replied with open ideas and helped me analyze things! I would love to do it again and anyone out there that is curious just go for it is all I can say!"




"My session with Allison allowed me the much needed opportunity to "see" myself and begin my journey of healing and transformation. Allison is an amazing facilitator who guided me through this experience with patience, kindness and love..."




"I went into my QHHT session with Allison mainly to satisfy my curiosity about past lives. What was opened to me went much deeper than that. In my own life, I saw that before coming to earth, I had made a deal with my ex-wife to help her work through some life lessons. This has helped me show her more compassion and release the material things I felt she had taken during the divorce. My session also helped my son who struggles with his weight. I saw that some of my own weaknesses were there to help me understand him. After this realization, he gained a new passion for health. In the first month after my session, he lost 11 pounds on his own and continues to lose weight and make healthy decisions. The session helped my daughter as well. At 10 years old, she had not been able to sleep through the night without wetting the bed. During my session, I saw that the reason for this was a fear of growing up. For two weeks after the session, she and I talked before bed about growing up and how it’s ok to be silly and have fun. There was no talk about bed wetting. A shift happened in her almost overnight and she no longer wets the bed. To say she is excited would be an understatement. She says she feels free."




"I found that my experience with Allison helped answer many questions that have riddled me for much of my adult life.  Through our session, I found clarity and was able to focus the light into the depths so to speak.  The process helped point out areas within my daily life that have room for improvement and also directed me down the path to unlock some of the ultimate questions.  To say that we can all benefit from this type of self-reflection is an understatement!"

- Jason 



"I had the extreme pleasure of being Allison's first QHHT client if you will. She did an amazing job of getting my questions answered!! She has the ability to come at your questions from another aspect. Allison has a wonderful energy about her!!! She has a wonderful heart and I have found a friend for life!!"

- Mike Goldsmith



"I think that the journey to discover ourselves fully is both effortless and incredibly complex, and effective methods to do this are rare and invaluable. Allison is a gentle empathic guide, who uses wisdom, humor, and love to help you find clarity. Her belief in the strength and beauty in each soul she encounters is inspiring and contagious. I hope no one misses their chance to connect  with her, and most importantly, with themselves." 

- Kayte Watts



"My name is Doctor Ghislaine Borg. I was privileged to train as a QHH practitioner, learning this amazing tool that can transform people's lives in a deep wonderful and wholesome way. Allison is an amazingly gifted practitioner as I have witnessed her complete passion and dedication to her personal spiritual growth and the growth of others, and her unconditional love for people she gives the sessions to. It is with the greatest kindness, generosity, depth and motivation that she facilitates QHHT sessions so that every person receives ALL they can receive in that moment to heal and understand. I wish I lived closer to Allison to get QHHT from her for myself. I trust her intention, competence and gift more than anything. Receiving a QHHT session from Allison is life-transforming ."
- Ghislaine Borg, P.T.


"Wow! Allison took me on a journey that I did not expect. I was kind of a non- believer until my session with her. I’ve tried hypnosis before and I’ve not been able to "go there". Well I went there with Allison and beyond. It was like seeing into my soul and she was such an amazing, patient guide. I have used what I learned ever single day since."

- Denise 


"Dear Allison,

Thank you for guiding me on my spiritual quest to learn more about me. You took me on a loving guided tour. It was an intense, unique travel experience by my resident spiritual facilitator, (that would be you!) I felt completely safe and surrounded by your knowledge and the knowledge and love of the universe.I learned which direction I should take and how to interact with the people who walk through my life with me, I also had a glimpse of where and who I've been in the past. My experience was the best and I look forward to a "celestial tune up in the future". Thank you for the experience, love is being sent your way."
- Kris



"I was fortunate enough to participate in a Quantum Healing session with Allison.  It was an amazing experience which brought clarity and focus.  Allison was a masterful facilitator and guide throughout the process.  I felt safe, loved and supported.  I have felt significant shifts in my thinking, health and overall outlook thanks to the session.  I highly recommend Allison, she is a natural!  I look forward to having another session with her again very soon."

- Jody
“I sought out Allison's QHHT services to help me understand a difficult work situation. Not only did she work with my higher self to get to the heart of what I was supposed to learn from the situation, I was also given insights that were relevant for my new job. Through QHHT, I was able to identify and leverage my strengths to meet my new company's needs and advance my career. I also received advice from my higher self on how to be a better parent, mitigate food sensitivities, and pursue higher spiritual connection. Allison is a compassionate, intuitive guide who knows how to get the most from your higher self to move forward and embrace life's challenges and opportunities."


- Jessica Irvine, Health Services Researcher and Spiritual Seeker


"It was an incredibly positive and interesting experience. I highly recommend this healing therapy to anyone! Allison is wonderful! She guides you through the journey with a great amount of knowledge, comfort, and compassion."


- Loren